How to Get Top 10 Ranking Through SEO

The bulk of consumers use internet search engines like Google, yahoo and Bing for researching and shopping for product and services. If you are running a business, you must be listed prominently on the top search engines. Then let’s concentrate on some significant elements that can help your website to be at the top 10 through SEO.


Understanding who your customers are and what they need is very important because your website should be structured and written for your customers and NOT just for search engines.


Let's take things to the next level, one of the biggest parts of SEO understands keywords, keywords are what millions of users type in Google search every day. Of course Google track all this information, but it's decent enough to indulge into few useful tools. With SEO and Keyword the idea is you want to incorporate keywords that are unique. You can use Google Keywords planner for the same

Article Title

Concentrate on your article title and put your keywords in your first section of your article. The Google spiders and bots look for this section and if you master this, then you are going to start to be found.

Building Back Links

Also knows as incoming links are connections to a web site or web page. Search engines including Google prioritize websites with more backlinks and more relevant in search results pages. It is considered to be one of the important factors to determine the page rank of a web page.
Daily Content Updates: Holding back your content current and up-to-date is very important to achieve and sustain a high rank on search engines. Web pages need to be current in order to be relevant, and any site you come up at the acme of the hunt engine results is likely updated on a daily base. This is because search engines “crawl” your website regularly to view the most recent updates. If they “crawl” your site without getting any new updates or content, they assume your website is not relevant because it is not current, and your search engine ranking goes down

Use of Site Map

Site map helps the crawler recognize which page is important on your website. Site map are easy to construct and you can find several free builders on the WWW.

Major Directories

If you have not submitted your sites to major directories, this should be the first and important thing that you might want to do to be at the height of the list because every link from a directory is counted to a certain extent by the search engines when deciding the site’s ranking. Web Directories basically organize websites under relevant category topics. If you had a website that sold Cars, you would have your website listed in a category like “Automobile –> Vehicle –> Car Model” or something similar.

Track Your Progress

Last but not the least, you might want to track all your progress with reports that include top 10 SEO checklists, submissions, and search engine listing status, inbound links, page ranks, keyword ranking, competitors and traffic.
These are some points which can aid you get a Top 10 ranking through SEO.

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